Double Injection Molding Service


What is Double Injection Molding?

Double Injection Molding, also known as 2K molding or two-shot molding, is a process that involves molding two different materials into a single part. This process is achieved by using two different injection molding machines or two different barrels on a single molding machine. The materials are injected sequentially into the mold, with one material forming the outer layer of the part and the other forming the inner layer.

How Does Double Injection Molding Work?

The Double Injection Molding process involves the following steps:

Step 1: The first material is injected into the mold, forming the first layer of the part.

Step 2: The mold is rotated or moved to a different station where the second material is injected into the first layer, forming the second layer of the part.

Step 3: The mold is cooled and the part is ejected.


Design, Double Injection Mold making, production and assembly

What exactly can we do

Mold Making Manufacturers & Plastic Injection Molding Services Supplier in China Factory

mould design

>Provide samples, drawings and requirements, and provide drawing optimization and design support and efficiency

>Good at optimizing injection mold structure and providing high-efficiency mold development services

Mold Making Manufacturers & Plastic Injection Molding Services Supplier in China Factory

Mold making

>According to the requirements of product structure and product performance, reasonably design the mold structure and cooperate with 3D software for mold flow analysis

>Use 3D laser plate printing to make your samples meet the requirements at one time

Mold Making Manufacturers & Plastic Injection Molding Services Supplier in China Factory

Product production

>Batch production after sample determination

>With a complete production management team and equipment, it can deliver on time and quickly as soon as one week

Mold Making Manufacturers & Plastic Injection Molding Services Supplier in China Factory

Product assembly

>Incoming inspection - material preparation - assembly Online - assembly - finished product inspection - shipment

Applications of Double Injection Molding

Double Injection Molding is used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics, consumer goods, and medical devices. Some examples of applications include:

1.  Automotive:
Instrument panels, door handles, and interior trim

2.  Electronics:
Cell phone cases, remote controls, and computer keyboards

2.  Consumer goods:
Toothbrush handles, razor handles, and kitchen utensils

4.  Medical devices:
Syringe plungers, inhalers, and surgical instruments

Advantages of Double Injection Molding

Double Injection Molding offers several advantages over traditional injection molding techniques. These include:

  • Improved part design: Double Injection Molding allows for complex part designs that are not possible with traditional molding methods.
  • Reduced assembly time and costs: Because two materials are molded together in a single step, there is no need for separate assembly processes, saving time and costs.
  • Enhanced part functionality: Two different materials can be used to enhance the functionality of the part, such as adding soft-touch surfaces or improving grip.
  • Improved part quality: Double Injection Molding results in parts with better surface finish and reduced sink marks.

Challenges of Double Injection Molding

While Double Injection Molding offers many advantages, it also presents some challenges. These include:

1. Increased complexity:
Double Injection Molding requires specialized equipment and skilled operators, increasing the complexity of the process.

2. Higher costs:
The cost of materials and equipment for Double Injection Molding is higher than for traditional molding techniques.

3. Longer cycle times:
Double Injection Molding typically takes longer than traditional molding methods due to the need to inject two materials sequentially.

Custom Plastic Parts Double Injection Molding

Manufacturing processes have come a long way in recent years, with many innovative techniques being developed to improve efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness. One such technique is Double Injection Molding, which has become increasingly popular in the plastics industry.

Double Injection Molding is a powerful manufacturing technique that offers many advantages over traditional molding methods. By allowing for complex part designs, reducing assembly time and costs, and enhancing part functionality and quality, Double Injection Molding is becoming increasingly popular in many industries. While it presents some challenges, with the right equipment and skilled operators, Double Injection Molding can deliver high-quality parts that meet the needs of a wide range of applications. please contact me!

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