How can CNC milling realize nano mirror machining?

How can CNC milling realize nano mirror machining?

How can CNC milling realize nano mirror machining?
Mirror machining system is used to reshape the rotating tool. Mirror machining can be realized by using the reshaped tool for machining. Muye iQ series machine tools are equipped with this system to process with ultra-high precision and ultra-high surface quality. Its finish machined surface roughness can reach Ra10nm, which greatly reduces the polishing time and avoids the distortion of optical surface caused by manual polishing in traditional processing technology. It is very suitable for optical mold processing in 3C and lamp industries.

  1. The mirror processing system realizes the tool shaping effect

  2. 1) Improve the accuracy of tool radial runout
    Because of the runout accuracy of the tool shank and the error that is considered to be generated when installing the tool, there is a certain runout of the tool in the traditional machining. The dressing of the mirror machining system can improve the tool runout problem after actual clamping caused by the tool shank accuracy and tool accuracy.
    2) Improve the shape accuracy of tools
    For tools with poor tool trueness, especially those worn after machining for a period of time, mirror machining system can improve tool trueness.
    3) Improve tool surface roughness
    For the tool with poor surface roughness, the reshaping function can improve its surface roughness.
  3. Composition of mirror processing system

  4. The mirror processing system consists of functional program, tool shaping device, calibration grinding wheel, GC reference grinding wheel, tool shaping device lubricator, high-precision workpiece automatic measuring device, and tool shape measuring device.
    1) Function program: NC program to realize the coordination of tools, tool shaping devices, automatic workpiece measuring devices and tool shape measuring devices
    2) Cutter shaping device: calibrating device, grinding and dressing the cutter
    3) Calibrate the grinding wheel: use the dressing tool
    4) GC reference grinding wheel: dressing calibration grinding wheel
    5) Tool shaping device lubricator: lubricating when dressing grinding wheel and tool
    6) High precision workpiece automatic measuring device: used to detect the diameter and runout of grinding wheel
    7) Tool shape automatic measuring device: used to measure GC reference grinding wheel and tool
  5. Features of mirror processing system

  6. The mirror machining system can improve the tool runout, true sphericity and surface roughness, and improve the surface quality of tool machining. The dressing function of the tool can realize the multiple use of the tool and greatly reduce the use cost of the tool. With Muye iQ series machine tools, high quality mirror processing can be achieved and polishing time can be reduced.
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