PLA Injection Molding

Whether you are working with PLA injection molding copy parts already in progress or are still developing your PLA molded product, our process will streamline your product lifecycle at every stage.

mold7 PLA Injection Molding Benefits:

  • Long-lasting and safe for use
  • Variety of treatments available
  • Quick delivery
  • PLA plastic injection molding made to order
  • A one-stop service from quotation to delivery, including design, manufacturing, and sample.

Plastic Injection Molding PLA Mold Design

Molds are always optimized for certain polymers and fine-tuned to produce parts. Also, PLA molds need to be adjusted. To prevent degradation of the PLA material, you must use a hotrunner system that has a low shear without dead spots in the manifold or nozzle. A nozzle with an open channel that is externally heated should be used to prevent PLA from getting stuck in the nozzle and cause flow lines on the product, which can occur with an internally heated nozzle.

Unlike a hotrunner, a sprue must have a draft angle of greater than 6° during the injection process to prevent sticking of the sprue when the mold is opened. The sprue’s maximum height is reduced as a result. Otherwise, the sprue becomes too thick, causing it to cool or crystallize too quickly, extending the process time. Sprue walls should always be thinner than maximum product walls. PLA should crystallize in a mold when used with high heat materials. Amorphous materials can only be formed by polymers, leaving the rest in the semi-crystalline state.

As a result, the product will be slightly flexible when ejected from the mold.

When the product draft angle is increased ,enough ejector pins are installed and the ejector surface is sufficient, the product will not warp during ejection.

The injection of PLA in the mold will take place under high pressure. PLA is highly viscous. A defective venting system may result in (minor) flashes on the product. Initially, only minimal venting should be conducted and the machine should be opened (remove steel) as and when it becomes necessary. Molds that are not filled or areas of PLA material that are burned near venting points indicate insufficient venting and require increasing.

A stiff material like PLA can result in sharp flashes. Ventilation should be designed so that it is close to the place where it is needed, while at the same time ensuring that it does not take place where flashing is prohibited. Heat-resistant PLA products require more crystallization in the mold, so they shrink more than standard PLA products.

For PLA products with tight dimensional specifications, designers should take this into consideration when developing molds. Create a mold so that steel can be removed at any place where it is needed after the first reproducible injection molding trial.

Injection molding of PLA offers several benefits:

  • Degradable by microorganisms, minimal environmental impact after use.
  • Excellent mechanical and Physico-chemical properties.
  • Easily processed, useful, and suitable for blow molding, melt processing, and a variety of other processes.
  • Glamorous and transparent.
  • Compatible and degradable.
  • Superior tensile and ductile strength
  • Permeance to air and oxygen

 Application Of Injection Molding PLA High mechanical strength

PLA molding service includes such products as:

  1. food packaging,
  2. fast food lunch boxes,
  3. nonwoven fabrics,
  4. industrial fabrics,
  5. healthcare fabrics,
  6. dishcloths,
  7. sanitary products,
  8. outdoor UV resistant fabrics,
  9. tent cloths,
  10. floor mats, etc. 

PLA Injection Mould​ Making Service

Be good at product structure optimization and greatly reduce the cost of mold making injection molding

Mold Making Manufacturers & Plastic Injection Molding Services Supplier in China Factory

Mould Design

Appearance and structural design

Mold Making Manufacturers & Plastic Injection Molding Services Supplier in China Factory

Mold Making

Design, DFM confirmation

Mold Making Manufacturers & Plastic Injection Molding Services Supplier in China Factory

Product Production

Imported, high-speed equipment

Mold Making Manufacturers & Plastic Injection Molding Services Supplier in China Factory

Product Assembly

Incoming materials, inspection and assembly

The Advantages of PLA Injection Molding Materials

Polylactic acid, or PLA, is a biodegradable and renewable thermoplastic material that is becoming increasingly popular in injection molding applications. PLA injection molding materials offer several advantages and benefits that make them suitable for various industries. In this article, we will explore the advantages and applications of PLA injection molding materials.

Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a biodegradable thermoplastic polymer that is widely used in injection molding. Some advantages of PLA injection molding materials include:

  1. Biodegradability: PLA is biodegradable, which means it can break down into natural materials over time. This makes it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics.
  2. Low toxicity: PLA is non-toxic and safe for use in food and medical applications. It is also free from harmful chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates.
  3. Easy to process: PLA has a low melting point and can be easily molded into different shapes and sizes using injection molding equipment. It also has good flow properties, which means it can fill complex molds with ease.
  4. Good mechanical properties: PLA has good strength and stiffness, making it suitable for use in a wide range of applications. It is also resistant to moisture and can withstand high temperatures.
  5. Versatility: PLA injection molding materials can be used to create a variety of products, including packaging, consumer goods, and medical devices.
  6. Cost-effective: PLA is relatively inexpensive compared to other biodegradable materials, making it a cost-effective option for many applications.

Overall, PLA injection molding materials offer a range of advantages, making them an attractive option for many manufacturers looking to produce eco-friendly and safe products.

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